Demolition Sydney: The Case for Historic Buildings

Demolition Sydney: The Case for Historic Buildings

With the multiplicity of the buildings that are considered for demolition in Sydney, many groups have been active in their advocacy of putting halt into these plans. Specifically, this is with regards to historic structures that are considered for being knocked down in order to be replaced with newer structures. Some people believe that this is a natural result of progress. After all, there are some structures that should be really torn down in order to demonstrate progress.

Most of the buildings that are considered for demolition jobs are already old. In spite of their significance in the history of Australia in general, some people believe that it is still best to have them taken down. If not, they can cause more damage to the people around the area and can incur higher costs for the concerned parties. There are some activists who propose having the building renovated in order to strengthen its structure. While this can indeed prove to be a good alternative, there are instances wherein renovation works will no longer suffice to spare the integrity of the structure.

The heritage value of a building is perhaps the greatest reason on why there are many people who are against demolition jobs. After all, if the building is already a century old, or even more than that, it is really regretful to have it seen turn into dust right in front of your eyes. This is really very hurtful. However, rather than hating the authorities behind the demolition of these buildings, you should understand why such should be done. Before you go to the streets and start with your protest, it is important that you know why the demolition will prove to be necessary.

There are many people who tend to be ignorant. All that they know is that a certain building is old and that the best thing that should be done is to have it preserved so that it can be seen by future generations. Nonetheless, these people are most probably not informed about the importance of demolition. It seeks not to destroy the property, but to make sure that the piece of land will be spared for better use and that the property is best to be taken down already.

If I were you, I will be well-informed. I will carefully research about the reasons on why competent authorities suggest that a specific property is best to be demolished. Rather than complaining, I would like to believe that things are done not for the destruction of the Australian heritage, but for the purpose of having it improved for the welfare of the future generations.

At the end of the day, if a specific historical structure in Sydney or in other parts of Australia will undergo demolition jobs, the best thing that authorities can do is to hire a competent company to do the job. Keep in mind that demolition is no easy task. It even becomes more complicated when the property to be taken down has historical value. The demolition company should do its best to preserve parts of the property for whatever purpose it may serve, such as being used in other contemporary structures.

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