Is asbestos removal safe? This is the question in the minds of many of homeowners across Australia, especially those who live in houses that were built in the 70s up to the early 80s because there is a huge chance that most of the materials that were used in their homes contain asbestos. Before it was discovered that asbestos could cause various forms of cancer, it was actually touted as a versatile building material; it was formed into floor and wall tiles, sheets for walls and ceilings, even roofing materials were made from asbestos back in the days. If you suspect that your home is harboring this dangerous substance, then you should consider safe asbestos removal.

For the safe removal of asbestos, you first should have all of the necessary safety gear and equipment; the most important of which are face masks. The way that asbestos does harm to your body is through the inhalation of its fibers; these tiny particles are released into the air when the asbestos material starts to deteriorate because of age and disrepair. When these fibers get into your lungs, they will not get expelled from the body because they will be attaching themselves to the lungs’ lining, and after a couple of years, you will start to develop cancerous tumors.

Besides face masks, you also need to use disposable coveralls to prevent your skin and clothes from getting covered with asbestos dust. You need to get rid of your work clothes along with the asbestos because no amount of washing can completely get rid of the asbestos fibers that have managed to cling onto the fabric. You will also need a special vacuum that has special filters in them so that no microscopic particles are thrown into the air.

Now once you have collected all of the asbestos waste from your home, you need to dispose of them properly. You must first place the asbestos fragments in airtight plastic containers, label them in bold, bright letters that states the containers have hazardous waste in them, and then take them to the proper disposal facility so that they are taken care of properly. As you can see, the process of safe asbestos removal is by no means a simple task, which is why you should just hire professionals to do the work for you.

Professional asbestos remediation companies like us have the right set of equipment to make sure that all of the hazardous materials in your home are gotten rid of and we also guarantee that the damage caused by the removal process will be quite minimal. We also make sure the asbestos is transferred to a government-certified disposal facility so that it will not pose a threat to other people anymore. But besides our efficiency at our work, the best reason why you should get our services is because it is illegal for you to do asbestos removal on your own. You need to have the proper training and have a special license to handle hazardous material, both of which we have a lot of.

If you live in the Sydney area or in the neighboring towns like Wollongong, Parramatta, Cambelltown, and others, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to schedule a site inspection on your house so that we can determine just how much asbestos you have in your home so that we can give you a quotation on just how much everything will cost. It cannot be stressed enough that you should not attempt this project by yourself, do not put your health at risk, hire a professional company to do the safe removal of asbestos for you.