Lead Paint Stripping and Lead Dust Removal Services

Lead Paint Stripping and Lead Dust Removal Services

AES is equipped to carry out the removal procedures required to alleviate the health risks associated with lead dust. We service the areas of Canberra, Wollongong and Illawarra, Newcastle, Sydney and neighbouring towns, using our expertise to safely strip lead paint and remove lead dust from the households and buildings.

Safe handling of the toxic lead particles

While lead dust is usually formed when the old paint is flaking and peeling off the walls or doors, it can also accumulate in ceiling spaces or the soil. Even the lead paint stripping process, if not properly conducted, can result in lead dust contaminating the air. AES addresses all the sources of lead dust to reduce contamination.

Lead Paint Stripping Newcastle

The lead paint stripping is done with great care, to prevent lead dust particles mixing with the air and potentially being inhaled.

Our specialists will ensure that the lead dust is properly handled and disposed of at a Waste Transfer Station, according to regulations. Air monitoring may be conducted both before and after the procedures.

Lead paint stripping and lead dust removal Sydney

What our clients say about AES:

Thank you Andrew and the team – good job well done.

Don Billett, Baulkham Hills

The guys did an excellent job – I’m really pleased. Thanks.

Al Thomson, Allambie Heights

Very happy with the work, thanks.

Andrew, Hornsby

Does your ceiling contain lead dust?

If you’re planning renovations that involve making holes in the ceiling or removing the paint coat, AES will help you prevent the lead dust from becoming airborne (and thus a health hazard).

If the lead dust in your ceiling is already leaking, our team will intervene to reduce the dust particles and bring the lead levels in the air to normal parameters.

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We provide lead paint stripping and lead dust removal in:

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