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Absolute Environmental Services is an asbestos removal company near Sydney dedicated to protecting people in NSW and their homes or work places from hazards such as asbestos, lead and mould. Since 2005 our specialists have been safely removing and disposing of hazardous materials from buildings, plants, factories, warehouses, parks, reserves, and private residences all across NSW.

Fully insured AES asbestos removal certificates

Asbestos Removal

Our number one mission is to get rid of the presence of asbestos in the most common places where people live, in order to maintain a safe environment and a healthy lifestyle. We hold all the required licences, accreditation and insurances – and have assembled a team of professionals with decades of experience remediating asbestos contaminated sites.

AES removes both bonded and friable asbestos from residences, public buildings, commercial premises and industrial sites. Our specialists handle the entire asbestos removal process, from examining the suspected areas and taking samples to the removal and disposal of the asbestos at government-approved facilities. They can also offer air monitoring services to make sure that the presence of any hazardous materials stays within safe levels.

AES provides asbestos removal in the Sydney metropolitan area, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sutherland, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and any of their neighbouring towns.

Lead Paint & Dust Removal

In addition to our asbestos removal services, AES is equipped to carry out the safe removal procedures required to alleviate the health risks associated with lead paint and lead dust from residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our lead dust removal processes are compliant with the industry’s best work practices and our removal equipment is state-of- the-art, to ensure our removal works are safe and comprehensive.

We specialise in non-abrasive lead paint removal processes, using a non-toxic chemical peel to limit the potential for damage to the environment.

Mould Remediation

AES is also dedicated to providing Sydney surrounding residents and business owners with effective solutions for the treatment of mould. Our services include the identification and removal of moisture and mould from homes or commercial buildings, followed by an eco-friendly spore elimination procedure that prevents the mould from growing back, dehumidification and air purification treatments. Find out more about the process.

We are fully licensed, trained and compliant with NSW regulations, and offer a professional service to ensure you get the best possible results. We offer a free no obligation inspection report that provides you with a detailed analysis and cause of the issue, and a detailed quote for mould removal.

Other hazardous materials

Our professional hazmat remediation services include, but are not necessarily limited to, the safe treatment (removal, disposal, encapsulation, capping or abatement) of the following:

  • Synthetic mineral fibre
  • Crystalline silica
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s)
  • Pesticide affected soils
  • Bird droppings