Mould Removal in Sydney and NSW

AES services include the identification and removal of moisture and mould from homes or commercial buildings, followed by an eco-friendly spore elimination procedure that prevents the mould from growing back, dehumidification and air purification treatments.

We offer a no obligation inspection report that provides you with a detailed analysis and cause of the issue, and a detailed quote for mould removal.

Due to our asbestos training, we have an advantage over other remediation companies in the critical skill areas of containment, air flow control and decontamination. We also use the most advanced equipment available, to ensure safe remediation works, and prevent the cross contamination of clean areas: negative air machines with HEPA filter, dehumidifiers, HEPA vacuums.

AES has internationally recognised accreditation in the fields of water restoration and applied microbial restoration (mould remediation). AES specialists Andrew Konarev and Michael Pepper are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for Applied Microbial Remediation and Water Damage Restoration.

Our mould remediation services:

  • A detailed visual inspection, moisture readings, infrared imaging, temperature and humidity readings, in order to determine and put into place a process to eliminate the root cause of the mould growth – usually a water ingress problem from blocked or damaged drains and gutters, ineffective weather proofing, ground water from flooding, and so on.
  • Drying and dehumidification via air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Safe mould removal processes – with eco-safe biocides and HEPA vacuums. We use only natural eco-safe biocides, such as tea tree oil, distilled vinegar, diluted alcohol, borax, when decontaminating settled spore areas, and have had an outstanding success. In many cases the householder or tenant does not even need to leave the premises.
  • Air purification processes via air scrubbers
  • Installation of moisture barriers
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapour treatments (when necessary)
  • In situ and remote contents cleaning

Recent mould remediation projects

Australian Technology Park IBC Kitchen – Treatment of mould and spores for Australian Technology Park Sydney Limited
Remediation of mould infestation in electrical cabinets in train carriages at Auburn Maintenance Centre for UGL Unipart Rail Services Pty Ltd

The mould remediation process

Step 1. Inspection
Identifying the areas affected by mould

We inspect your home or office environment and test it using moisture meters, humidity readers, etc. Taking into account the air flow system, the building’s age and materials, the roofing and other construction features, we check dew points, air temperature and humidity, to detect the presence of mould.

Step 2. Removal
Eliminating the mould from the affected areas

We use the latest technology to treat the contaminated walls, ceilings or floors. The infestation is removed from the hard surfaces. The process is then completed by the application of a special substance to remove the remaining mould spores that can still spread and cause health issues.

Step 3. Protection
Destroying the mould spores completely

The spores are airborne and remain in the rooms even after the visible mould is removed. They must be thoroughly destroyed to stop the mould from returning in another room. To make sure that the spores are eradicated, we employ a procedure called fogging. A nontoxic decontamination substance is sprayed in all the rooms, creating a mist that spreads similarly to steam, for optimal coverage. The substance is biodegradable and safe for people and does not harm clothes or furniture.

Fogging will succesfully eliminate spores and bacteria from the air and surfaces, preventing the reapparition of the mould.

We provide mould removal in:

Western Sydney
Central Coast
Upper North Shore
Lower North Shore
Northern Beaches
Blue Mountains

How much does mould removal cost?

The cost of the remediation services will vary depending on the size of the home or building and the degree of infestation. Please get in touch with us for an assessment at or by phone at 1300 237 287 (1300 AES AUS).