Asbestos contaminated soil can create large legal and financial problems for companies and investors. AES is fully licensed and employs strict and regulatory compliant removal strategies and techniques in order to remediate the site until it is safe with respect to the asbestos hazard. AES liaises closely with its clients throughout all projects to ensure the asbestos is removed in a safe and cost-effective manner.

The areas where our team provides contaminated soil removal services include Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Sutherland, Liverpool, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and any of the other neighbouring towns.

The Contaminated Soil Remediation Process

Asbestos in the soil is very dangerous because it is easily disturbed at just the slightest touch, resulting in millions of the tiny asbestos fibers to float in the air. Besides the danger to your health, another problem is that it is almost impossible for regular homeowners and building owners to find where exactly in their property the asbestos is located. Professional soil remediation companies like AES conduct multiple tests on the soil around the construction to find out where the asbestos is; there is no guesswork involved because everything is calculated.

Knowing where the asbestos contaminated soil is ensures that all traces of the hazardous material will be removed. Knowing just where to dig also prevents any unnecessary damage to your property, because we will only dig out the affected area and nothing else.

After the Soil Removal

After we remove the affected soil, we dispose of it properly, according to regulations. The soil is put inside a sealed container and transported to a disposal facility where it is treated to remove all of the harmful asbestos.

We also provide reinstatement services. Asbestos abatement will leave the grounds around your home gouged up and unsightly – our reinstatement procedures make your yard look the same as it was before the contaminated soil was removed. We have skilled contractors on our team that can do wonders on your yard; and because we guarantee that only a minimal amount of damage will be done on your property, our contractors can make it look like nothing even happened.

AES is qualified to provide the following services: