Asking the right questions will prove to be vital in making a well-informed choice for the best demolition contractor in Sydney. If you know what to ask them, it will be easier to differentiate one from the other, and in the end, choose one that you will not regret. Regardless of the extent of a demolition, it is important to entrust the work only to professionals who have the capabilities to deliver successful outcomes.

How much will it cost?

Demolition work does not come for free. After all, it will include the use of heavy machinery and will require manpower. In order to choose which demolition contractor can offer the best rates, it is important to ask around.

Ask for an estimate from at least three different companies and have them compared with each other on the basis of their price. The quote must be able to clearly specify the breakdown of the costs anticipated. It should be signed by the representatives of the company to make sure that there will be no significant deviation from the amount that has been initially agreed upon.

If the price is way beyond your budget, you should move on with other available choices. You may also be able to negotiate with the contractor to arrive at an agreeable price.

Do you have insurance?

When something unfortunate happens during the completion of house demolition in Sydney, will you be financially liable to have it covered? The answer is no, but only if you choose a contractor that has general liability insurance.

It’s important to ask contractors if they offer insurance or if you have to purchase it separately from the service, which can make the final price higher. Insurance should be included as this will provide you with peace of mind from any financial burden as a result of the work. If the work is insured, you will be compensated when appropriate, such as in the failure of the demolition contractor to finish the work based on the schedule that has been earlier agreed upon.

Do you have a licence?

As a rule of thumb, you should be working only with companies that are licensed to operate. New South Wales government, like in the rest of Australia, have stringent regulations when it comes to demolition jobs. The licences issued to authorised companies are a proof that they have been screened by the authorities.

Do not hesitate to ask the contractor for a copy of their licence, which is going to provide you with an assurance of their legitimacy to operate. In most cases, their licenses will also be displayed on their website. If they are not licensed, you have a good reason to be skeptic and to keep on looking for other possibilities.

Who will obtain the permit?

It is important to clarify with the demolition company if this is going to be part of their service or if you are the one who will be responsible for it.  Ideally, this should be done by the contractor, sparing you from the hassle of having to go through the entire process on your own. The demolition work should only commence once all the necessary permits have been secured. Otherwise, demolition can be halted by legal authorities.

In most instances, the demolition contractor will be the one responsible for obtaining a permit for the work to be completed.

What are other people saying?

Many people have regrets after they pick the first company they found or the cheapest option. Take some time to research alternatives and seek recommendations and reviews. The internet is abundant with choices.

You can also ask the contractor for references or the clients they have previously served. The opinions and experiences of others will be instrumental towards making the right decision.

How do you handle asbestos?

Asbestos is one of the most common materials found in houses in Sydney. It is generally safe, but once it is disrupted, it can be fatal, especially for those who will be directly exposed to such. With this, the demolition contractor in Sydney must be able to provide a robust plan on how they will handle asbestos, including the safety protocols for its removal and disposal.

How do you handle clean-up?

This may seem basic, but it is overlooked by many people. One of the worst parts of demolition would be the need to deal with an astounding amount of dirt, especially if the property to be taken down is going to be huge. Don’t forget to ask the contractor about how they plan to clean the area. Ask them if the clean-up is already included in the price that you have been quoted or if it has to be paid separately.

Also ask what they will do with the waste. Is it going to be recycled? If it is going to be disposed, where do they plan to bring it? Make sure that they have eco-friendly and safe methods for the disposal of waste, since waste can potentially be hazardous.

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