Have you heard about the mineral called asbestos? If you do not, it is a fibrous mineral that was once widely used in construction and other industries. The popularity of asbestos peaked during the 1970s and early 80s with almost every part of a house containing some amount of this mineral. But unfortunately, since it was discovered that asbestos can cause serious respiratory illnesses, not the least of which is lung cancer and mesothelioma, the sale and use of asbestos in many countries around the world was banned; in fact, in Australia every form of asbestos has been pulled off the market gradually ever since the late 80s, and in 2003 a total ban on asbestos was implemented. And, in place of asbestos use, it is now asbestos removal that has become a whole lot more popular among homeowners.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

When asbestos gets old and starts deteriorating, its fibers will start to break off and float in the air. Anyone who unwittingly inhales the fibers will find that getting rid of them is virtually impossible. Asbestos fibers are rather small, they are so miniscule that you cannot even see them with the naked eye, but they are not small enough that they are expelled from the lungs through their many pores. The small asbestos fibers will lodge themselves onto the lining of the lungs and there they will cause the formation of blood clots and cancerous tumors.

Granted that a light exposure to the hazardous material is no cause for concern, if you are exposed continuously and lots of asbestos fibers had found their way into your lungs, then you probably should get the help of a doctor.

Why Consider Asbestos Removal?

Asbestos only becomes hazardous when they deteriorate and start releasing microscopic fibers in the air, if it is kept properly, they do not really pose that much harm. This is why most homeowners would just rather take good care of their house so that the asbestos will not affect the family; but if your home contains asbestos from the ceiling to the floor, then getting the help of professional asbestos removal companies may be your best choice.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

If you are thinking of doing the asbestos removal yourself so you can save some money, then you best think again. Not only do you not have the right equipment and knowledge to handle hazardous waste like asbestos, there is also a chance that you will make a huge mistake that will not only endanger your own health, but also that of the people around you; and besides, you will most likely not get permission from your local government to continue with your plans. You need a special permit if you want to DIY the asbestos removal from your home, if you try to do it without the consent of the local government, you will be facing a hefty fine, and possible jail time as well.

If you want to make your home safe to live in once again, then you should hire professionals like us to do the job for you. Not only do we have the necessary tools and training to make sure that every trace of asbestos is safely removed and disposed of; we also do our best to keep the damage to your property to a minimum so that you do not have to worry too much about rebuilding.

Absolute Environmental Services has been helping homeowners from all over Sydney, Wollongong, Paramatta, Central Coast, and other towns and cities, and our previous clients can attest to the quality of our work.