Asbestos contamination is not something that just happened by chance, this is one of the many dangers wherein the hazardous material was intentionally put in place, though at the time, it was not known that asbestos was actually hazardous to your health. In this article, you will be learning about how the people’s problem with asbestos actually started, and the things that you can do to somehow keep it under control.

How Did It Get There?

Unlike mould and insect infestation, asbestos found its way into your house because people put it there. In the past, asbestos did not have the bad reputation that it has right now; back then it was actually regarded as one of the best construction materials to ever get discovered.

Asbestos has a fibrous composition, making it easy to mold and shape; and since it has a silica substructure, asbestos also makes for good fireproofing, soundproofing, and insulation. These amazing properties of asbestos made it so popular that it became an ingredient in almost all kinds of construction materials, from floor tiles, wall insulation, fiber boards for walls and ceilings, roof shingles, fascia boards, and others more.

The use of asbestos-containing products were so widespread that almost all homes that were built before the early 80s contained a significant amount of this hazardous material; and this is why the house that you inherited from your parents contain a significant amount of asbestos.

What Should You Do?

Since you are not really aware of the extent of the asbestos contamination, you need to get the help of a professional asbestos removal company to help you. You should never even think about placing your health on the line by attempting to remove the asbestos from your home; not only is it risky, it is also illegal for you to do so. The only real way that you can get rid of the asbestos in your home, or at least get it under control, is to hire a good asbestos removal company to do the job for you.

Professionals are specifically trained to handle asbestos, unlike regular homeowners who would only risk spreading the tiny asbestos fibers far and wide. The professionals know that they need to isolate every room in the house so that even one bit of asbestos would not escape, and they would then proceed to place the hazardous materials in specially made and marked containers for proper disposal. They also use the right safety gear like heavy-duty face masks with air scrubbers so they will not inhale the dangerous asbestos fibers; they also use disposable coveralls that are only used once, huge air filters, and also large plastic sheets that they use to isolate individual rooms.

They also have in their employ inspectors who will be the first to go into your house to assess just how widespread the contamination really is. At Absolute Environmental Services, our inspectors not only point out where the asbestos is located, they will also give you suggestions on what you need to do.

In Closing…

Living in a house that is contaminated with asbestos is nerve-wracking, especially if you know for a fact that it is there. Do not wait until someone in your family contracts a serious disease because of asbestos exposure, leave us a message, we will be more than happy to serve you. For years, we have been helping people from all over Sydney, Paramatta, Wollongong, and other towns and cities to deal with their asbestos problems. You can also see some of our most important clients here.