Lead Paint Removal In Canberra

Over the years, more and more Australians are being conscious in their efforts towards lead paint removal in Canberra because of their willingness to live in safer households, especially if there are children or pregnant women within the family. The government has also acted and released guidelines on how to get rid of lead. There were several lead air monitoring in Canberra done proving how some houses have toxic levels of lead, especially those that are old and have not been renovated for a long time.

Safety in Lead Paint Removal in Canberra

Lead Paint Removal In Canberra

Lead Paint Removal In Canberra

In 1995, the Australian government has released a booklet titled Lead Alert: The Six-Step Guide to Painting your Home. The goal of the latter is to provide the public with knowledge on the dangers of lead and how to properly have it removed. It has been edited through the years to keep it attuned with the changing times.

Lead Paint Removal In Canberra: Doing it Safe

One of the most important parts of the guide deals with how important it is to make use of the right tools and equipment for the job. Some people decide to have the task completed on their own. While this is a financially-sound alternative, make sure to observe the highest level of caution, especially knowing the fact that you do not have expert knowledge on how it can be properly done. You will need to have a HEPA filter vacuum in order to capture the dust that can be produced during the work. In addition, having a half-face respirator that is in accordance with the Australian Standard 1716 will also be critical. See to it as well that you have the right protective clothing from head to toe. It is also paramount to have the right cleaning materials for the proper disposal of waste that could have been contaminated by lead during the process of its removal.

More so, aside from the actual removal of lead paint, you should be also concerned about lead dust removal Canberra. Paint is just the source of the problem. In reality, paint can lead into other sources of toxicity, such as in the form of dust. When working on the removal of paint, it is important to avoid windy conditions as the dust particles can get mixed in the air and when inhaled, it can have toxic effects. This is also the reason on why the use of a half-face mask is recommended. This will lead into the prevention of the inhalation of the dust. For lead dust removal Canberra to succeed, make sure to do the job with the right equipment.

Lastly, the guide has also provided recommendations on how one should clean up after the job. It is never right to just leave the things you used and consider the job done once the paint is removed. Disposable items should be thrown in a bag that is tightly sealed to prevent contamination. Vacuuming the surface will also be important. In the absence of a vacuum, wet mopping can be considered as an alternative. All tools should be cleaned thoroughly as well.

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