Lead Paint Removal In Newcastle

If you live in a house that has been built in 1970s and has never been in a major renovation work in the past, you need to pay attention on proper lead paint removal in Newcastle. Chances are, the walls have been painted with materials containing lead, which will be detrimental for your health. Proceeding with its removal requires caution, especially because authorities concerned on lead air monitoring Newcastle have revealed how lead can get mixed with air. This makes it important to pay attention not only on the removal of the actual paint, but also lead dust removal Newcastle.

Different Methods of Lead Paint Removal In Newcastle

Among the different methods of removing paint, one of the most popular is through enclosure. In this case, the surface with lead paint is simply covered, such as through putting up vinyl or a drywall. This is considered by many to be the easiest solution basically because there is no more need to remove the existing paint, and hence, being less risky in terms of the possibility of exposure. Just make sure that the material is durable to allow it to be effective in blocking the paint from getting mixed with the air.

Replacement is another option that should be taken into account. More often than not, it is easier to replace windows, doors, and other parts of the house painted with lead rather than working to have the paint removed. According to experts, some methods of the removal of paint and lead dust removal Newcastle can even be riskier than the exposure to it. Replacement may be costly, but this can be best especially if the affected area already looks obsolete and no longer as functional.

When it comes to actual removal methods, there are various options that are available. For instance, it can be completed through using wire brush or through scraping with the use of your hands. There are paint removers commercially available for this procedure. Just make sure to carefully read the instruction from the seller to be assured of the safety of its use. Power sanding is also a good choice, which should be done with the help of a HEPA vacuum. Remember, only wet sanding is advisable and dry sanding is a big no. Some people opt to try heat stripping, which requires the use of a heat gun to be accomplished. The problem, however, is it leads to the production of vapor and dust, which can also pose serious health risks.

Lead Paint Removal in Newcastle

Lead Paint Removal in Newcastle

If you do not have the luxury of time and patience to remove lead paint on your own, there is no need to be worried. There are contractors promising to provide such service at an affordable cost. These companies have people who are trained, which can make you confident of the safety of the procedure. They also have the right materials to complete the job without causing health problems.

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