What Happens During Asbestos Abatement And Removal?

What Happens During Asbestos Abatement And Removal?

So you just found out that your home may contain asbestos (as is the situation with most older houses) and you want to make it safe before you move your family inside, then you should get help from expert asbestos abatement and removal companies. Asbestos inside the home should not be taken lightly, in fact, if you even suspect that your home may contain this hazardous material, you should immediately seek the help of the experts before you are faced with the consequences.

If you are curious as to how asbestos abatement and removal actually works, here are some of the primary steps that the professionals take to ensure that the homes they worked on will be completely asbestos-free, or safe for occupancy at the very least.

Site Inspection

Asbestos removal companies do not simply go into the client’s home and start tearing away at everything that they suspect contains asbestos; they will first send in some investigators to determine whether or not there is actually asbestos in the house. And if there is, they will pinpoint exactly where in the house the asbestos is located so that the damage done to the property is kept to a minimum.

The asbestos experts may also need to take samples to analyze in their labs to determine what kind of asbestos they need to deal with, and if it is already sending out harmful fibers into the air inside the house.

Preparation Of The Work Site

Depending on the extent and severity of the asbestos contamination, the removal personnel may require you to evacuate the premises before they start working; this is to prevent you and your family from accidentally getting exposed to asbestos dust, and they will be sent flying inside the house when the removal team goes to work.

The asbestos removal team would also completely seal off the area they will be working in using large sheets of plastic so that there will not be any debris or asbestos dust that can escape and possibly do harm to other people nearby. The workers also use air filters to safely collect any harmful fibers that are floating in the air and they also wear face masks to prevent accidental inhalation.

Disposal Of The Asbestos

Once the asbestos-containing materials are torn off your home, they will be placed in air-tight and sturdy plastic containers, these are then marked as containing hazardous materials and transported to a government-approved disposal facility so that they would no longer pose a threat to anyone else.

Final Inspection And Certification

The inspectors would return after the removal process is finished to conduct more tests to ensure that all of the dangerous asbestos has been taken care of properly; if there are some that still remain, they will get the removal team to finish the job properly. Once your house gets a clean bill of health, they will give you a certificate that states that your house is completely safe and that you and your family can move in whenever you want.

If you live in Sydney, New South Wales, or in any of the nearby towns and suburbs, and you have some doubts about your home, then you should get in touch with our asbestos abatement and removal company through our website. In our many years of service, we have successfully rid countless of homes of asbestos, and we can do then same for you.

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