Treatment of Asbestos – How We Can Help

Treatment of Asbestos – How We Can Help

If you live in a rather old house then there is a chance that asbestos was used in its construction, and this is reason enough to get the help of our company for the proper treatment of asbestos. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that we can help you better than any other company out there:

We Use the Proper Gear and Equipment

You may be tempted to do the asbestos removal by yourself, but that can be pretty dangerous for your health because there is a chance that you will release the asbestos fibers into the air and inadvertently inhale them (asbestos fibers are known to attach themselves onto the lining of the lung and cause the development of cancer cells). We use protective clothing and the proper face masks to make sure that we are not in any danger of breathing in any asbestos fibers. So to make sure that your health is not compromised, let us have a go at getting rid of the asbestos for you.

We Minimize the Damage to Your House

When we remove the asbestos from any of our clients’ homes we do our best to minimize the damage as much as we can; and we would really try to avoid any kind of demolition if possible. For instance, if the asbestos is cement bonded, then we would just paint over it using asbestos sealer so that the fibers have no way of escaping into the air. We also do extensive testing to find out exactly where in your home the asbestos is located so that treatment will be localized to that area only.

We Dispose Of the Asbestos Properly

Whenever we do any bonded asbestos removal or getting rid of asbestos contaminated soil, we make sure that the harmful chemical is taken care of properly. We use sealed containers to make sure that none of the asbestos fibers escape and we take it directly to a disposal facility so that it will never be a danger to anyone ever again. If you do the asbestos removal by yourself, chances are that you will only throw them in your trash bin, putting the health of everyone around you in danger. So, leave the removal and disposal of asbestos to the professionals like us.

We Can Provide You With Service Wherever You Are

We do not mind going the extra mile for you, literally. Whether you live in Sydney or in Wollongong, Sutherland, Liverpool, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, or in any of the other neighboring towns, we will surely be there to provide you with excellent service. You only need to get in touch with us through our phone lines or visit our website and drop us a message and we will get back to you in the soonest possible time. In fact, if you have an emergency, we will be there within the day to help you get rid of the asbestos in your home so that you will not have to worry about yours and your family’s health anymore.

These are but some of the many reasons why we believe that we are the best at asbestos removal. Whether for applying asbestos sealer for cement bonded asbestos, or the removal of asbestos contaminated soil, we will do all the hard and dangerous work so that you do not have to.

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