The Real Cost Of Asbestos Removal And Why It Is Important

The Real Cost Of Asbestos Removal And Why It Is Important

There are still a lot of homeowners who refuse to get asbestos removal done in their homes simply because they say they cannot afford it; and besides, no one in their families have yet to display any signs of asbestos-induced ailments. This kind of thinking is not just an ignorant way of seeing things, it is also dangerous and can mean life or death.

To give you an idea on just how much you need to spend on getting rid of the asbestos in your house, here is a simple explanation of the procedure:


Before you get an entire crew of people into your house and start removing various odds and ends, you need to hire an inspector to assess the condition of your house and recommend what kind of action needs to be taken. Inspectors will use various tools to determine if your house does indeed contain the hazardous material, they can even find out if there are harmful amounts of asbestos fibers floating in the air inside your house.

Based on the conclusion that the inspector comes up with, you can then gauge how much you need to spend to make your house safe again.

Choosing Between Encapsulation And Complete Removal

If the inspector found out that the asbestos in your home has not deteriorated enough to release its fibers into the air, then he may recommend that you only get the hazardous material encapsulated. This basically means that the asbestos-containing material is covered with a special adhesive that will prevent it from breaking apart in the future. This would usually cost $13 – $14 per square meter.

But if the asbestos in your home is already posing a threat to the inhabitants, then you have no other choice but to physically remove it from your home. You should not even attempt to remove the asbestos by yourself because you will only put yourself in danger, and besides, it is illegal to do it if you are not licensed to handle hazardous materials. It is best if you just hire professionals to do the job for you; and this will usually set you back $85 per square meters, and then you need to spend hundreds, or thousands more to repair the damage left by the removal crew.

The Cost Of “Not” Treating The Asbestos Problem

It may seem like getting rid of the asbestos in your home is an expensive venture, but when you consider the cost of not having it done you will find that you are actually making the right choice. Considering that exposure to asbestos can usually cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and not to mention that it can also cause life-threatening cancer, it is actually better to spend some money on treating the asbestos problem in your home rather than leaving it alone.

If you are a resident of Sydney, New South Wales, or in any of the nearby areas and you need assistance regarding asbestos removal for your home, then our company will be more than happy to help. We know just how expensive asbestos remediation can be so we always strive to provide our clients with reasonable alternatives to make their homes safe. We always place the well-being of our clients at the top of our priorities so you need not worry too much about the cost.

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