The Importance of AS4801:2001 for Excavation in Sydney

The Importance of AS4801:2001 for Excavation in Sydney

While you will have an amalgam of choices as you try to look for the best service provider for excavation Sydney, not all of them can prove to be the best. Among other things, one of the most important things that should be checked would be the AS4801:2001, which is a very important certification that will guarantee the ability of one company to provide safe jobs to their clients. This refers to the Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification, which is granted only to firms that have been audited and approved by the relevant authorities. If you are a business owner, this should be on the list of your priorities as this will do a lot in order to give your company an edge above others within the market.

By now, you are most probably wondering on why your excavation company will need this certification. There are many reasons for such and allow me to go through them briefly. The most important reason is perhaps to show others that you are legitimate to operate and that you are committed towards paying attention to the health and safety of your workers and all parties that are involved. In the same way, this certification is also important if you would want to supply services to government agencies. These agencies will only work with contractors who have such certification. If your company pays attention to operational due diligence and if you are committed towards continuous improvement, the said certification will also prove to be necessary.

To be provided with this certification, your excavation business will need to undergo a rigid audit, which will determine if the business is worthy of such certification or not. During the audit, there are certain elements that are inspected. Your entire business process will be reviewed, such as with regards to the machineries that are used and the training that is being provided to your workers. There will be several meetings and you should be prepared to address the concerns that will be thrown by the auditing party.

Once you have been given the certification, this does not mean that such is a lifetime achievement that your company should be proud of. After a period of three years, there will be a need for you to apply for recertification. This is to make sure that your business still abides by the strict regulations to promote safety within the workplace.

If you have been given the certification, this can be used as a milestone of the company and can be shown in your promotional materials, such as your ads. Make sure, however, to be responsible with its use. If you are not duly certified, do not attempt to make false claims to your clients as you will be responsible for whatever sanction will be given to your company.

At the end of the day, if you have an excavation company, you should strive to have this certification in order to entice a generous size of the market. On the other hand, if you are the client looking for excavation service providers in Sydney, you should look for this certification in the options that you will be confronted with as such will be one way of being able to determine their competency.

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