Professional Contaminated Soil Remediation Companies Make Your Home Safer

Professional Contaminated Soil Remediation Companies Make Your Home Safer

Are you are currently living in one that was built in the 70s or early 80s? If so, then having a contaminated soil remediation company inspect the building and the surroundings for any signs of asbestos may be a good idea. Before asbestos was completely banned in Australia back in 2003, this hazardous material can be found in a lot of homes all over the country, especially the really old ones. Asbestos is so versatile that it can be formed into many different construction materials from tiles, roofing materials, insulation, and sheets for walls and ceilings, this made it very popular; which is why it’s too bad that it is a carcinogen.

The thing about asbestos is that it can cause lung cancer if its microscopic fibers were to find their way into your respiratory. Asbestos materials are generally harmless if they are well-maintained and in pristine condition, unfortunately most people let their homes get into a state of disrepair that the asbestos starts deteriorating; and this is when it releases the harmful fibers into the air for people to unwittingly inhale. Asbestos is not only found inside the house, it can also be found in the ground surrounding it. Asbestos was also used as an additive in masonry so the soil around the property may also be contaminated with this dangerous material, and that is why you need the help of professional soil remediation companies.

You may think that removing asbestos contaminated soil is a fairly simple task that you can do over the weekend, you just shovel it into a container and place them on the sidewalk to be picked up later by garbage trucks; unfortunately it is not that easy nor is it safe. Asbestos in the soil is even more dangerous than those found inside the home because they are easily disturbed at just the slightest touch, resulting in millions of the tiny asbestos fibers to float in the air. Besides the danger to your health, another problem is that it is almost impossible for regular homeowners to find where exactly in their property the asbestos is located.

Professional soil remediation companies conduct multiple tests on the soil around your home to find out where the asbestos is; there is no guesswork involved because everything is calculated. Knowing where the asbestos contaminated soil is makes the professional companies more efficient in removing all traces of the hazardous material. Professional companies also use advanced soil remediation techniques and safety equipment that will ensure the safety of their workers; protective suits and face masks with air filters are used to make sure that they will not be breathing in any harmful asbestos that they are removing.

Another reason why you should get the help of soil remediation companies is that they know how to properly dispose of the asbestos-laden soil that they took from your property. Since it is a hazardous substance, asbestos should be put into secure, air-tight containers that are properly-labeled, and then shipped into the disposal facility where it is properly taken care of; and this is usually beyond the capacity of most homeowners.

Besides not having the right equipment to do the job, it is also illegal for regular homeowners to even touch asbestos, much less try soil remediation themselves. In the remote chance that you do walk away unscathed (or so you think) from removing asbestos contaminated soil from your property, if the medical health office of your city got wind of what you did you will be slapped with a stiff penalty for handling hazardous materials without a permit. There are many other reasons why you should not even think about doing contaminated soil remediation by yourself, so you should just hire the services of professional companies like ours.

We in the company guarantee that nearly all traces of asbestos will get removed from your property, or at the very least in the safe levels. So, if you live in Sydney or in the surrounding towns of Parramatta, Central Coast, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and others, you should visit our website so that we can schedule your home for a site visit. Asbestos contaminated soil is not a trifle matter, you should deal with it immediately for the sake of your and your family’s health.

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