How Do-it-yourself Asbestos Removal Can Get You In Deep Trouble

How Do-it-yourself Asbestos Removal Can Get You In Deep Trouble

If you find out that your house contains some materials that may be laden with asbestos, it is still not a good reason to even attempt a do-it-yourself asbestos removal. Asbestos is a highly-carcinogenic substance, if even a couple of fibers find their way into your respiratory system and attach themselves to the lining of your lungs, it is only a matter of time before you develop serious respiratory problems, and if you are really unlucky you may develop lung cancer. In this article, you will learn about the various reasons why it is a very bad idea to attempt DIY asbestos removal.

Reason 1 – You Do Not Have The Right Equipment

Asbestos is a dangerous substance so it should not be handled haphazardly, you need to use the right safety equipment to keep the asbestos fibers from getting inside your body. You need to use coveralls that will be thoroughly cleaned or discarded after the job, and you also need a face mask with a heavy-duty filter so that you will not have to fear accidentally inhaling the asbestos fibers. Besides those already mentioned, you should also isolate the area you are working on using large sheets of plastic; this will prevent any wayward asbestos fibers from getting out of the area and causing irreparable damage to the people around you.

Reason 2 – You Do Not Know How To Do It Properly

Asbestos removal is not like other demolition works where you can just let go and break things apart into smaller pieces to make them easier to remove; you should remove the contaminated materials without sending the asbestos fibers every which way. So you need to be deliberate and precise with your movements when doing asbestos removal DIY, this means you should not break anything to pieces with a hammer, and of course you should not use a grinder to cut through the masonry.

Reason 3 – You Need To Dispose Of The Asbestos Waste Properly

If you should manage to remove the offending asbestos materials, your job is still not finished because you have to dispose of them properly; and disposing of asbestos is not as simple as placing them in a plastic bag and dumping them into the trash bin. Asbestos contaminated material should be handled properly, as if you are handling a bomb that would explode at any second. The asbestos waste should be placed in a sealed plastic container that is properly-labeled with bright bold letters. These containers are then to be taken to the right disposal facility.

Reason 4 – It Is Illegal

Probably the biggest reason why you should not do DIY asbestos removal is simply because it is illegal for you to do so. The removal and handling of hazardous materials like asbestos should only be left to the professional companies like ours because it is against the law for the common homeowner to do the job himself. Though it may seem that you will be saving money by doing the asbestos removal yourself, if you add in the additional expenses like the stiff fines that the local health officer will slap on you, and the high costs of medical care if you get chronic diseases from the asbestos, you will find that it is actually more economical to just hire professionals.

For years, our company has been removing asbestos contaminated materials from homes all over Sydney, and in the neighboring towns like Parramatta, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, and others more. So do not endanger your health and that of your family by attempting DIY asbestos removal, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide you with expert service.

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