House Demolition in Sydney: Licensing Requirements

House Demolition in Sydney: Licensing Requirements

House Demolition in Sydney, as well as in the other parts of New South Wales, is not one thing that can be done right there and then. Before the work even begins, it is critical to work closely with the relevant government authorities, which will be responsible in the issuance of the permits signaling the green light for a project. If the licenses are not obtained, the job may be deemed as illegal and there is a possibility of having to pay a hefty fine, specifically on the part of the demolition contractor. With such being said, in the rest of this post, I will help you understand the legal nature of a demolition job to have knowledge on what the government requires.

Two Types of Demolition

In most cases, the demolition company will be the one responsible for securing the permits needed to start with the job. Generally speaking, there are two types of permits, which will depend on the extent of the project. The first one is a restricted demolition license, which is needed if the structure is between four to 15 meters in height and if load shifting machineries will be used on suspended floors. The second type is the demolition license, which is needed for structures with height above 15 meters, when a tower crane or chemical installation is required, and when explosives will be used.

How To Be Eligible

Not everyone will be qualified for the issuance of a demolition permit. If you are going to apply for the license as an individual, you need to be at least 18 years old and should not have made any violation under the NSW occupational health and safety. If you are a demolition contractor, some of the requirements include not being involved in the past with any violation in accordance to demolition and your license or permit must not have been cancelled or suspended in any way in the past. If one company has been repeatedly issued warnings in the past for not following safe practices in the work environment, there is also a slimmer chance of being issued a license to legally carry out house demolition.

Process for License Application

The first step for application is to accomplish Application for a Demolition License Form. In the said license, you will have to choose whether it is a restricted demolition license or a demolition license you are applying for. The demolition contractor must be able to present certificate of currency for workers compensation insurance, as well as certificate of currency for public liability insurance. The contractor must be also able to identify one employee who will act as the supervisor of the project. Not anyone can be appointed as a supervisor as there is a need to pass the minimum qualifications needed, including at least three years of work experience in the field of demolition. A license fee should be also paid.

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