Factors Affecting Prices of a Demolition Contractor

Factors Affecting Prices of a Demolition Contractor

Without a doubt, price is going to make a big influence on your decision with regards to the demolition contractor to choose. In a market that is abundant in terms of choices, you can have them differentiated from each other in terms of the price that they are offering. Keep in mind however, that being cheap may not always be good. In some cases, a company might be able to offer cheap prices because the quality of the work is inferior. In this case, it is better to spend a little more if you know that the demolition company will be able to offer top-notch job.

In the rest of this post, I will discuss some of the factors affecting the price of the service. This will help you to understand why some charge a higher rate, while some are more affordable.

Geographical Location

If you need house demolition in Sydney or in any other parts of New South Wales, your location will pay a crucial role. If you are situated in a place far away from the manufacturer, price may be slightly higher as they need to transport their equipment and manpower going to the site. If you live in a central location, price may also be higher. The logical explanation to such is that it is more cramped, and hence, limiting movement of equipment. There will also be special permits required, especially if you are situated in a busy neighborhood. Sydney demolition may be more expensive than demolition in remote and less developed areas.


Houses built before the 1990s are most likely at risk of asbestos. Exposure to such happens once it is disturbed, which means demolition can be risky. In this case, if your house has asbestos, which can be determined through asbestos inspection, you can expect to pay a higher price. This is because the process will generally be more complicated as there will be a need to have special equipment to help contain asbestos. Its transportation and disposal will also be more demanding from the part of the contractor, and hence, the burden of the cost will be passed to the client. If your house has asbestos, you will not have any choice but to incur this additional cost.

Size of the House

This is pretty much common sense. Of course, if the house is huge, it means more time will be required and it will also be more intensive in terms of manpower and equipment requirements, and hence, making it more expensive. On the other hand, smaller houses are cheaper since the demolition company will be able to complete the work easier. In most cases, the contractor will charge on a per square foot basis, so be financially prepared if the house demolition will involve a large property.


Not all types of demolition are the same. In some situations, the client will request for the entire house to be completely demolished, including the foundation while there are also cases wherein they will request for such to remain untouched. If you would like to have the foundation removed as well, the price will be more expensive. This is basically because of the need to use a heavy machinery for the job.


At the end of the day, quality is going to be the most influential factor in the price of the services provided by a demolition contractor. If u want superior quality, you must be ready to spend more. This is because top-notch work can only be achieved with the use of state-of-the-art and innovative equipment, which should be complemented with a skilled and knowledgeable factors. All of these things, however, will contribute to the increase in price.

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