Demolition Sydney: Guide for License Application

Demolition Sydney: Guide for License Application

To be eligible for demolition Sydney, there is a need for the contractor to apply for a license, which will be indicative of the legitimacy of the service provider to operate. If you have such business, this article will prove to be helpful in giving you insights with regards to the major requirements. The discussions will also cover what will be needed for those who would like to apply for a license for supervisory work. These guidelines are based on what are recommended in the Occupational Health and Safety regulation 2001.

Before proceeding any further, it is important to keep in mind that there are two types of licenses that are available. The first one is known as the restricted demolition license, which should be applied when dealing with mechanical demolition of structures between four to 15 meters in height. If it is above the earlier mentioned, there is a need to apply for demolition license. The latter is also required if the demolition job will require the use of explosives.

The ones eligible for the application of the license are business, including partnerships or corporations, engaged in the provision of demolition service. For individuals, the license that is often applied deals with supervisory work. In this case, the minimum age of the applicant should be 18, while the law does not prescribe any maximum age. Common sense would dictate that as long as the person is still capable of handling the job and fit for the job, one may apply for license. Such applicants will need to show proof of their job experience in the past, including photos of the work completed in the past and safe work method statements.

For demolition companies, before the license is approved, there is also a need to show proof for workers compensation insurance and public liability insurance. These will make sure that the company will be a liable entity for whatever risks will be involved in the completion of the job, not only for the members of the workforce, but also for their clients.

It is also important to keep in mind that the license is not valid forever. Generally speaking, the license is valid only for two years, but it can be cancelled anytime by relevant authorities if any violations are committed by the contractor, such as, but not limited to, the failure to establish safe working environment.

To make sure that your business will be provided with the license to operate, make sure that all requirements are satisfied.  See to it that all the documents can be presented. There are also fees that are associated with the license application and such should be applied accordingly.

Whether you are an individual or business entity wanting to offer demolition services in Sydney, make sure to pay attention to the requirements to be approved of a license. The latter will be needed in order to commence your business operation. Operating in the absence of such will have legal repercussions, and more importantly, will make you less competent in the eyes of your client.

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