Demolition in Sydney: Is it the End of Altona Mansion?

Demolition in Sydney: Is it the End of Altona Mansion?

In news stories that broke out recently, it has been said that the Altona mansion can be the latest property that is going to join those luxury properties up for demolition in Sydney. While the decision is still in limbo, there are now many people who are already making rounds of talks with regards to what impact does it create in the real estate industry. Even those who are less enthusiastic about the field of real estate were curious about the implications once the said mansion has been hit by the wrecking ball. For sure, seeing a mansion being demolished is not a pretty sight, especially once you are already aware of how much is costs. It is like throwing money in a pile of dump. For sure, however, there are valid reasons on why Altona has to face such fate.

Currently, the record for the most expensive property that has been knocked down in Sydney belongs to the Craig-y-mor mansion, which has been sold in 2008 to a group of Chinese investors who got the mansion for $32 million. This record will soon be surpassed by Altona, as this waterfront mansion is currently valued at $54 million. Although this estate has been built only in the 1960s, it has already accumulated such a high price because of the luxury that it exudes, aside from its very attractive and strategic location.

Property demolition in Sydney is not new in the eyes of the public. Aside from the two mansions that have been mentioned above, there are other estates that have suffered from the same misfortune in the past. Regardless of how classical these properties may look like, there comes a time wherein they no longer serve their intended purpose, which is why it is best to have them demolished and have a new structure built in the same location. They are often converted into properties that are more valuable, and most importantly, that will prove to be more useful in the current time.

If you are the one to be asked, do you think that the said mansion is worthy of property demolition? For me, let us all leave it to the heritage assessment that is supposed to be carried out by groups who are competent in order to complete an evaluation. While I would want to personally wish for the preservation of such, I am in no position to express my own opinion since I am not aware of the finer details of the demolition job that will be done. All I know is that it is very expensive and one might be filled with a lot of regrets seeing the mansion break into pieces and soon settle into dust. Indeed, it is one sight that I do not want to personally witness when it happens.

My only wish is that once the demolition job commences, I am hoping that it will be carried out by a company that is truly trusted. Such an expensive property deserves nothing but the best demolition company in Sydney. The concerned properties must spend extravagantly, given the fact that the price of the mansion is also no joke. If some parts can be preserved, such will be a good idea in order to generate more from a property that is soon to vanish.

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