AES: Your Best Choice for Asbestos Disposal in Sydney

AES: Your Best Choice for Asbestos Disposal in Sydney

Searching for a service provider with specialisation in asbestos disposal in Sydney can prove to be a challenging task. One of the reasons for the latter is the fact that you will be confronted with a multiplicity of options, making it more challenging for you to come up with a well-informed decision. Even if the choices can be overwhelming, you should never make a decision in haste. Remember, asbestos is a toxic material, which is why you should hire only an experienced and reputable company.

If you are one of the many who are clueless about the best company to pick for asbestos disposal, why not consider Absolute Environmental Services (AES) as an alternative? Through the years, it has been the preferred choice of people in Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Parramatta, and in the rest of Australia. Still need reasons to be convinced? Keep on reading and learn more why AES is an option that you will not regret.

Diverse Experience in the Industry

If there is one thing that would convince you to choose AES for asbestos disposal and other asbestos-related jobs, it would be the fact that the company has years of experience in the business. Most companies come and go, operating only for a few years and vanishing after some time because of the inability to attract a favourable share of the market. AES is different. Even with the emergence of new competitors, it has remained steadfast and committed in being the best in what it does.

Through the years, AES has been of service to numerous clients not only in Sydney, but also in Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Blue Mountains, among other parts of Australia. The company has a huge roster of clients, which is not exclusive to individual homeowners. Many of its disposal jobs in the past included works with warehouses, shopping centres, commercial establishments, and high-rise buildings, among others.

Price you can Afford

From removal to disposal of asbestos, many people assume that it is just another DIY task. If you go online, you can see different guides that provide instructions on how you can complete the task. However, in reality, it is something that is better left on the hands of experts. Unfortunately, many do not entertain the idea of working with professionals because of the belief that such service comes with skyrocketing price.

At AES, you will enjoy asbestos disposal Sydney services at a price that will not hurt your wallet. The company provides high-quality service that will not require clients to spend a fortune. Ask for a free, no-obligation quote now and see how the price is reasonable.

Insured and Licensed by Relevant Authorities

Another thing that gives AES an edge above other providers of asbestos disposal services is that it has comprehensive insurance coverage, specifically for their employees. If something happens to the workers while completing the job on site, they are duly covered. In addition, the company also has $20 million public liability insurance.

In addition, it is also worth noting that the company has been assessed and given certifications that prove its ability to provide world-class services to their clients. For instance, they have been accredited for their Quality Management System, making the company ISO-certified. They also have Safety Management System. They have robust policies in place to make sure that the health and safety of their workers are prioritised. This is in line with the dangers that are associated with the exposure to asbestos. Lastly, AES also has Environmental Management System, which is reflective of their concern for the sustainability of the environment.

Beyond the Asbestos Disposal in Sydney

While AES is known to many for its asbestos disposal Sydney services, the company offers a wide range of other services as well. They also specialise in lead paint and lead dust removal, mould remediation, air monitoring, soil remediation, house demolition, and excavation, among others. Whether it is for your house or a commercial establishment, regardless of how small or big the job is, you can expect AES to extend a helping hand.

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