Asbestos Removal And Why You Need It Done

Asbestos Removal And Why You Need It Done

The people who first patented the use of asbestos in the construction industry may not have expected for it to completely fall from grace, not when it was so popular back when it was first introduced. The reason why asbestos became a household name back in the 1950s up to the early 80s is because it has so many practical uses; it can be used as a soundproofing medium, and because of its high resistance to heat and fire, it was also used as insulation for the interior walls of the house. The fibrous composition of asbestos also made it very easy to manipulate, you can turn it into any shape imaginable without even using any special tools or processes. The possibilities surrounding asbestos seemed endless back then, too bad that it causes cancer.

Asbestos is relatively harmless, that is if it is well-maintained. But as the years go by and the asbestos containing materials gets neglected, it will start to deteriorate and release countless numbers of microscopic fibers into the air. The asbestos fibers are so small that one can easily inhale a couple thousand of them without even noticing. Once these fibers make their way to the lungs, they will attach themselves onto the organs’ lining where scar tissue will start to develop over them. Excessive scarring of the lungs will lead to plenty of respiratory problems, not the least of which is lung cancer; this is the main reason why asbestos is no longer being used in construction projects, and the mining and sale of this hazardous material banned from all countries of the world.

It usually takes years of asbestos exposure for a person to develop cancer, so if you have only been living inside your old home for a couple of months, then you do not have much to worry about; but you still need the help of an asbestos removal service as soon as you can to avoid any complications.

A word of warning; you may find that the cost of complete asbestos removal is quite expensive, even for a house of modest size, but you still should not even attempt to do the project on your own. Not only are you placing yourself in a lot of danger because of your lack of proper training and safety equipment, you will also find yourself at the other end of the law. Asbestos is considered as a hazardous material, and handling and disposal of such without the necessary government issued permits will result in you getting heavy fines, it may even get you some time in jail.

You do not need to go through all of the hassles and dangers yourself just so you can make your home safe for your entire family, when you can just hire us to go and remove the offending asbestos for you. Our company has been providing asbestos removal services for the residents of Sydney, Wollongong, Paramatta, and other nearby towns and cities for many years, and we can guarantee that we will also make you one of our dear satisfied customers as well. We try our best to minimize the amount of damage done on your house by thoroughly inspecting every inch of your house beforehand. We will also give you advice on whether it is better to take out the asbestos from your house or leave it there, but still completely contain it so that no harmful asbestos fibers will be able to escape.

Come visit our website and leave us a message if you need our help in getting rid of all the asbestos in your home, we will be more than happy to oblige.

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