Asbestos Removal: Not Just An Ordinary DIY Task

Asbestos Removal: Not Just An Ordinary DIY Task

If you need asbestos removal, for sure, the first thing that will cross your mind is to do it on your own. This is especially true for people who are accustomed with DIY tasks at home. Even if you are used to repairing leaking pipes, handling faulty wirings, and fixing clogged toilets, among other things, it does not mean that you can handle asbestos on your own as well. The latter is a toxic compound and the improper removal of such can cause significant impact on one’s health. Therefore, to be assured of your safety, never remove asbestos on your own.

Why People Do It On Their Own

The primary reason why some people deal with asbestos removal Sydney on their own is the costs that are involved. If you hire asbestos removalists in Sydney, Blue Mountains, and Parramatta, among others, you will have to pay the company for the job that they will complete. There will be high-end equipment involved and the removalists must proceed with caution. Given the fact that state-of-the-art tools and extensive training is needed, the price you have to pay can be costly. Nonetheless, even in spite of the costs that are involved, you should still work only with the pros.

If you go online and research about asbestos removal, you can see a lot of articles and tutorials on how it can be done on your own. However, while the process may be straightforward, in reality, it is complicated. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is an easy task!

The Dangers Associated with Removing Asbestos

One of the reasons why asbestos removal Sydney should never be treated as a DIY task is the fact that it can lead into a variety of health problems, with the most common of which being mesothelioma. This is a type of cancer that can be deadly. In addition, lung cancer and asbestosis can also be experienced. The constant exposure to asbestos can lead into these problems, which is why having the toxic compound removed from your place should be done only by professionals who have extensive knowledge on how it can be done.

Equipment Needed for Removal of Asbestos

As it has been emphasised earlier, asbestos removal Sydney cannot be an ordinary DIY task, which is not only because it is dangerous, but also because of the need to have the right tools and equipment. For instance, there is a need to make use of asbestos vacuum cleaners, but they must be able to pass the standards that have been set by relevant authorities in Australia. There is also a need to have the equipment necessary for safe containment and disposal of asbestos. In order to evaluate the asbestos removalists in Sydney and the rest of Australia, make sure that they have the complete equipment that will be needed to complete the job successfully.

Legal Requirements for Asbestos Removal

Australia has stringent laws when it comes to removing asbestos, which is why it is important to have the required permits all the time. There are instances, however, wherein no licence will be required. This is specifically the case when removing 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. Nonetheless, even if the amount to be removed is minimal, it will still be best if you will ask for professional assistance to be guaranteed that the job will not cause any harm.

There are two types of licenses that are issued for asbestos removal Sydney. There are two types of permits that are issued: Class A and Class B. Class A is more difficult to obtain and most of the licences issued are Class B. The type of licence will be dependent on the specific type of asbestos that will be removed.

From the discussions that have been noted above, it is pretty clear by now that asbestos removal is indeed one thing that should not be done on your own. At the end of the day, it would be best to seek help from reputable contractors who have the workforce and equipment needed for the job.

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