What Can You Expect From An Asbestos Removal Company?

What Can You Expect From An Asbestos Removal Company?

It is unfortunate that the deadly effects of asbestos was only discovered after products that contain them have already been used in hundreds of thousands of homes, and this is why asbestos removal companies are in such high demand; especially in Australia where the total ban on asbestos was only implemented in the 1990’s.

If you are thinking of hiring such a company to make your home safe to live in, here are some of the things that you can expect them to do for you:

Initial Inspection

The asbestos abatement and treatment company would first send an inspector to your house to determine the extent and the severity of the contamination. Their work is important because they will pinpoint just where in your house the asbestos is located, so the damage that will ensue is greatly minimized.

The inspector could also determine what kind of action need to be taken, like if the asbestos is still in good condition, then you can opt to get it encapsulated instead of removing it from your home; which is cheaper and does not do leave as much as a mess as removal.

Removal Or Encapsulation

If the inspector deems that the asbestos has already started releasing harmful fibers into the air, then there is no other choice than to have it removed and disposed of. The workers will seal off the room using large plastic sheets so that none of the asbestos fibers can escape, and they will then don complete protective gear before they start handling the dangerous material.

Encapsulation on the other hand does not require too much preparation, the workers only need to mix up a batch of a special adhesive coating that they will use on the asbestos-containing materials so that they would not deteriorate and thus render them completely harmless. Keep in mind that encapsulation is not applicable in all cases, if there is high levels of asbestos in the air, encapsulation is no longer an option.


After the asbestos removal process is done on your home, the materials that are gathered are placed into sturdy plastic containers, completely sealed and then labeled as containing hazardous materials, after which they are transported to a government-approved disposal center. This kind of careful planning need to be taken so that other people are not put at risk of asbestos exposure.

Final Inspection

After the removal and treatment crew has finished with their part, the inspector will return to your home once again to conduct a final examination of the area. He will either give your home a clean bill of health or recommend the removal to team return because they missed a spot; this will be at no extra cost as this is an oversight on their part. Once you receive the certification that your home is asbestos-free, you can be sure that you and your family can breathe easy once again.

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