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Soil Remediation

Asbestos contaminated soil can create large legal and financial problems for companies and investors. AES employs strict and regulatory compliant removal strategies and techniques in order to remediate the site until it is safe with respect to the asbestos hazard. AES liaises closely with its clients throughout all projects to ensure the asbestos is removed […]

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Treat of Asbestos

In some cases removal of asbestos may not be the preferred remediation strategy. AES offers a wide range of technical and start if the art treatment options for asbestos containing materials. Some bonded asbestos containing materials are able to be encapsulated using APAS approved sealers, as an alternative when removal is not viable.

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How Do-it-yourself Asbestos Removal Can Get You In Deep Trouble

If you find out that your house contains some materials that may be laden with asbestos, it is still not a good reason to even attempt a do-it-yourself asbestos removal. Asbestos is a highly-carcinogenic substance, if even a couple of fibers find their way into your respiratory system and attach themselves to the lining of […]

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