Asbestos Removal Lower North Shore: The Risk of Mesothelioma

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It goes without saying that asbestos removal Lower North Shore is accompanied with various risks to one’s health. This is exactly the reason on why exposure to such is being considered as a high risk among contractors and they carefully craft plans of action in order to make sure that the members of the workforce will not be affected by asbestos fibres during the completion of their work. The most serious among these health risks is known as mesothelioma, which also happens to be the rarest. The succeeding paragraphs will tackle the nature of this health concern, which seeks to educate people on how fatal asbestos can prove to be if it is not managed in the right way.


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This type of cancer is characterized by the development of tissues around the abdomen and the lungs. The lining that results from such is known as mesothelium. 75% of this condition appears on the chest and commence from the lungs. When it comes to the cause of mesothelioma, it is important to note that the major cause is the exposure to asbestos in the workplace, accounting to 80% of all the cases. Industrial and construction settings are most commonly linked to exposure to asbestos fibres, which is why asbestos removal companies have acted in order to practice various measures for safety of their workers. In the same way, the national government of Australia and respective local authorities in Lower North Shore have also released rules and guidelines that should be strictly followed by asbestos abatement contractors. The failure to follow these guidelines can lead into forfeiture of the license to operate, and more importantly, lack of competitiveness as clients would prefer working with service providers who are able to protect their workforce and the environment.

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For people who are employed in asbestos abatement companies, it is important to be as cautious as possible. It is critical to pay attention to the symptoms of this health problem. One thing that should be kept in mind is that these symptoms are often not experienced until the latter stages of the disease, or when it is already at its worst. Some of the symptoms that may be evident include: pain in the chest, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, build-up of fluid, bowel obstruction, and pan in the tumour, among others. If any of these symptoms are being experienced by someone who has been directly exposed to asbestos in the past, it is recommended to visit a medical professional the soonest time that is possible.

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There are several methods of diagnosis that are available in order to know if one has mesothelioma. Imaging scans, biopsies, and blood tests are some of the most common choices. Aside from the said procedures, the doctors will also take a look at the work history of the person, especially with regards to the exposure to asbestos that has been experienced. Prevailing health conditions can also make the situation worse, as well as smoking. There are also a variety of treatment choices that can be considered by people who have mesothelioma. Curative surgery is one of the best options during the early stage while palliative surgery is recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with such during the late stage. Chemotherapy is also an option that is worth being taken into account, which will prove to be effective in terms of shrinking tumours, fighting malignant cells, and relief from the various systems. It can be combined with radiation therapy for the purpose of increasing its effectiveness. The best thing that one can do is to hire only the best doctors to be assured of being able to overcome this health problem successfully.

For companies that provide asbestos abatement in Lower North Shore, as well as in other areas within New South Wales or the entire Australia, it is important to make sure that the guidelines for the establishing safe workplace will be followed. Among others, this will significantly reduce the exposure of the employees to asbestos and therefore, eliminate the possibility of having mesothelioma.