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As mandated by Australian laws, and as a result of the advocacy of many groups towards the promotion of a safe workplace, contractors of asbestos disposal Sydney are required to wear personal protective equipment during the completion of the job. This is in line with the assertion that the material is hazardous, and hence, it is natural to implement measures that will promote the safety of those who will be directly exposed into such. While the use of these gears will mean that the company would need to make additional expenses, such are investments that are necessary. The failure to do so will not only lead into legal repercussions, but will also lessen the likelihood that the asbestos abatement job will be completed by the contractor in a manner that is safe and effective.

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Asbestos Disposal Sydney Personal Protective Equipment

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Coveralls: Type 5, Category 3 disposable coveralls are the ones that are recommended for asbestos removal. It is also recommended that the coverall is one size bigger in order to prevent the possibility of tearing. Hoods and cuffs should be also integrated in the suit. It should be properly disposed after use and should never be taken home. Because it has already come in contact with asbestos fibres, it should never be used for any other job in the future. While there are re-usable coveralls that are available in the market, they should not be laundered.

Gloves: Like in the case of coverall, disposable gloves are also recommended. This will prevent spreading the harm that can be caused by asbestos. If the removal job will require the use of latex gloves, the latter should be powder-free or low-protein. Once through with its use, workers should wash their hand thoroughly, including their fingernails. This is to prevent have leftover fibres that can also spell danger to whoever could come in contact with it.

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Footwear: It is also important for providers of asbestos disposal Sydney services to give their workers the right protection for their feet. It should be free from lace, since the lace can easily come in direct contact with asbestos. It is also recommended that each worker will have their own footwear. Sharing is discouraged in order to promote hygiene in the workplace. It is also critical that the footwear will have anti-slip sole to minimize the likelihood of accidents in the work area. After the job, the footwear should be properly disposed and decontaminated. It should be stored in an upside down position in order to lessen the possibility of contamination.

Respiratory Protective Equipment: This is also amongst the most important that should be present during the process of asbestos abatement. The AS/NZS 1716:2012 mandates that such devices should be mandatory. While there are many RPEs that are available, there should be a competent individual from the contractor who will choose the specific type that should be used by the worker, which will depend on the extent of the job and the exposure to asbestos that is anticipated. Like in the case of those that have been mentioned earlier, there is also a need to making sure of their right fit. It should be fitted on the face to ensure that no particles will penetrate the device. This should be the last equipment to be taken off once the removal job is done.

Air-Line Respirators: This equipment is needed in the case of having friable asbestos. The person in charge in the work area should make sure that the lines will not tangle with each other to ensure the proper functioning of the respirator. The compressor should have more than sufficient capacity to be assured that it will work until the job is through.

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In looking for the best asbestos disposal company in Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, and Central Coast, as well as around New South Wales, it is paramount to make sure that the company will provide the highest level of attention to the safety of all parties concerned, which is possible by having the protective devices that have been earlier mentioned. The presence of such will prove the competence of the contractor, and their commitment towards making the workplace safer for all.