Asbestos Demolition Service Sydney: Procedures for Decontamination

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It is known to many that asbestos demolition service Sydney is a job that is risky and hazardous, especially for the workers who will be directly exposed during the completion of the task. With this, there has been a growing concern towards making such safer, not only for the workers, but also for the environment. This is the premise of the discussions that will be presented in the rest of this article. The succeeding paragraphs will talk about the different procedures that are done for the process of decontamination. Some of them are mandated by existing laws and regulations, while some are simply observed as strict protocols by various service providers.

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Asbestos Abatement and Removal NSW

First, it is important to keep in mind that there are generally two processes by which decontamination can be carried out. The first one is known as wet decontamination. In this case, using of damp rags is done in order to free any area from any remains of asbestos fibres. The second one is known as dry decontamination, which is the complete opposite of the latter. It is important to make sure that all of the tools are properly decontaminated after they are used in the asbestos removal procedure. If it is required, the tools should be dismantled. There is a need to choose from wet or dry procedure. The choice will depend on a variety of factors, such as with regards to the level of exposure of the tools. They must be also labelled in order to inform others about its asbestos contamination and should be sealed in dual bags in order to prevent others from having exposed with such.

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Personal decontamination will also prove to be necessary. This will include the removal of the equipment used by the person. This should be done every single time that the person will be leaving the job site. The personal protective equipment that has been worn in the job site should never be brought outside, except if they are already meant to be disposed. It is also important for employees to make sure that proper hand washing and hygiene will be observed. Specific attention should be given to hands, nails, face, and head, as they are the most susceptible towards being in contact with asbestos fibre.

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As part of the decontamination process, it is also critical for the asbestos abatement company to set up a dirt area, which will be the place for disposal of all the wastes that are asserted to have asbestos content. This should also serve as the area for the storage of the equipment used, including footwear and clothing. There should also be a shore area. On the other hand, there should also be a clean decontamination area. This will serve as the area for the storage of clean devices, which mean that they have never been in contact with asbestos and that they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Based on legal stipulations, there is also a need for the asbestos removal contractor to assign someone to supervise the entire work, which also included being able to ensure that the employees follow the guidelines for decontamination. The supervisor should be the point person for the concerns that the employees will have and should act in good faith in order to promote what is best for the workplace, and more importantly, for the environment.

In sum, it is not easy to put up a business that deals with asbestos abatement in Sydney. For sure, there will be plenty of legal requirements and one must make sure to be in compliance with such. As mentioned above, part of these requirements would be the need to ensure having strict decontamination procedures in order to be confident that asbestos fibres are contained within a specific area and that the hazards will not be spread elsewhere. While this can be challenging on the part of the business, this will be necessary. Special attention should be dedicated into such, as well as investments such as in the case of the personal protective equipment that every worker must have. At the end of the day, however, these procedures will surely benefit the contractor in ways more than one.

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