Guidelines That Asbestos Abatement Companies Should Abide By

Asbestos abatement is a serious matter, and it should be treated thusly. Never should a regular homeowner even think of doing it by themselves because the consequences will be too severe. Even the professionals have strict guidelines that they need to follow if they want to do their jobs as safely and as efficiently as possible. If you are interested as to what goes on in an asbestos removal project, here are some of the steps involved:

Inspection of the area

Before the actual asbestos removal crew can go into a house and start dismantling anything that may contain asbestos, a group of investigators will come in first to ascertain the situation. Their role is to find out the extent of the contamination and determine the best course of action.

Depending on the results of their examination, the investigators would recommend to either: encapsulate the asbestos containing materials if they have not deteriorated to the point of releasing fibers into the air or; completely remove everything that has asbestos in it due to the fact that even a small disturbance will be enough to send millions of microscopic fibers into the air.


Before anything is done to your home, it is recommended that you vacate the premises while the asbestos abatement company is working. Even though they will try to keep it safe as possible, there is no telling if something were to go wrong and your family gets caught in the middle of it.

Say the investigators recommend that removal is the best course of action, the work crew must first prepare the area before actually getting the asbestos out. They would first isolate the room that they will be working in by completely covering every surface with a sheet of plastic, and several air pumps with HEPA filters are placed in strategic areas so that even a small amount of the asbestos fibers can escape.

Once the area is secured, the workers will carefully take out any material that was initially found out to contain asbestos. They take extra care to not disturb the material and spread the deadly fibers in the air. They then place all of the debris in airtight plastic containers and label them as containing hazardous waste before carting them off to a government-approved disposal facility.

Final Examination

After the removal crew has finished with their work, the investigators will return to closely inspect if indeed all of the asbestos has been taken care of. If they find that there no more left, then your house will be issued a clean bill of health and it will be safe for your family to move back inside.

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